Where to Buy a Yacht in San Francisco

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Where to Buy a Yacht in San Francisco

With culture in spades, outstanding restaurants, and a bounty of exciting entertainment opportunities, San Francisco is definitely a rich and thriving metropolis. However, what many people forget to think about when they ponder San Francisco is that it’s also a coastal place. Set along the San Francisco Bay, many residents enjoy spending time on the water – whether it’s swimming, surfing, or taking part in watersports.

One of the most popular water activities in San Francisco is boating. Tons of residents and visitors to the area take advantage of yachts to sail around the bay and get a gorgeous view of the city and the harbors. Looking to buy a yacht to enjoy in the San Francisco area? The city has many fantastic retailers from which you can purchase a yacht.

City Yachts

In the San Francisco area, City Yachts is one of the most popular places for people to purchase their own boat. The company is a boat brokerage, so it both sells and purchases yachts. The company has a huge listing of boats – from brand new luxury boats to older, more affordable selections. However, what sets City Yachts apart from most yacht retailers is its eco-friendly and environmentally-focused nature. The company sells a line of green yachts called Greenline Hybrid Yachts, which run on a combination of gas and electricity. Greenline hybrid yachts can be plugged in and charged up at a dock, and they use far less fuel than traditional yachts. With the level of eco-consciousness present in the state of California, it’s no surprise that City Yachts has succeeded in the Bay area and been in business since 1969.

Crow’s Nest Yachts

Crow’s Nest Yachts is another of the most celebrated yacht dealers in the San Francisco area. The company is well-known for having one of the most extensive inventories on the entire west coast, with over $50 million dollars in inventory. One thing that makes Crow’s Nest Yachts so popular is that it has been open for about 40 years, and staff members are experienced and knowledgeable. Also, Crow’s Nest is outstanding because it’s North America’s exclusive dealer of Navigator Yachts, a luxury semi-custom yacht dealer. Crow’s Nest Yachts is a great place for a first-time yacht owner to go explore and determine which yacht features are most important.

New Era Yachts

One of the most respected Yacht companies in the San Francisco area is New Era Yachts. The company is located in the Alameda Estuary and is well-known for its outstanding customer service. New Era Yachts hires a huge staff of educated and knowledgeable salespeople, who help long-time or first-time buyers of yachts find the boat that’s just right for them. Not only does New Era Yachts have an excellent array of boats, but it also provides a great selection of educational opportunities in terms of yachting and watersports. Customers at New Era Yachts can buy new or used boats, and they can also take lessons on using the boat on the water. Because of the educational opportunities, New Era Yachts is also successful at connecting yacht owners with other yacht owners, facilitating a community of boat owners and boating enthusiasts.