Top five Rolls Royce extras that are bound to make you standout

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Top five Rolls Royce extras that are bound to make you standout

Rolls Royce makes some of the most expensive and best performing cars in the world. These cars are meant for the social elite who can spend a small fortune for the ultimate in luxury motoring. Needless to say sometimes owning a Rolls Royce is not enough. A car for the aristocratic in society needs to be unique and highly tailored to their individual taste.  From custom gold coated interiors to high fidelity next generation audio systems, Rolls Royce offers some very diverse customization options to meet individual tastes and preferences. However, even among the elite only a few can truly standout and Rolls Royce has several extra options for the exclusive few, these include:

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Teak Decking
Teak produces very long lasting timber and is sometimes used in the construction of luxury yacht. Resistant to both harsh weather and decay the teak deck is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The teak deck also brings a natural feel to the otherwise metallic car with its golden brown color. The teak decking requires quite a lot of care and maintenance in order to maintain its original condition with regular waxing being a necessity.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Sedan/Coupe Starlight headliner
Some people say the stars don’t shine in the city anymore however if you own the Rolls Royce starlight headliner you have nothing to worry about. An option for the Rolls Royce phantom the starlight headliner is a state of the art option which contains thousands of fiber-optic lights which power up on the touch of a button. The headliner starlight’s illusion of the night sky is quite compelling giving the passenger some tranquility and peace while on the road. The brightness of the dazzling night sky created by the headliner can be adjusted to better match ones mood.

Rolls Royce Solid gold trim
From the remotest part of the world to the metropolitan streets of New York city gold is the metal that universally represents wealth class and status. For a reasonable amount of money Rolls Royce can custom fit metallic parts in a phantom with gold. This is by far one of the most expensive customization options in the Rolls Royce range of options. Such a gold customized phantom sold to a business man in the gulf for 8.2 million making it one of the most expensive phantoms ever sold. The phantom carried 120 kilograms of 18 carat gold in parts such as grills, side trims and handles.

Rolls-Royce Picnic Cabinet Set
Rolls Royce offers the picnic cabinet set for the outdoor lovers who own a Rolls Royce. Made out of the highest quality leather and some well crafted and highly polished aluminum the picnic cabinet looks exquisite.  The cabinet set is designed for four or two people and it comes complete with luxury dinnerware made out of polished silver. The cabinet also has plenty of space enough to fit several meals and a bottle of champagne.

Rolls Royce Teflon door umbrella
Rolls Royce is known for its iconic umbrellas which are located inside the door frame. The umbrella is contained on a compartment made into the door frame, and the touch of a button forces the umbrella out of the compartment.  Rolls Royce has introduced a Teflon made umbrella for the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. The Teflon umbrellas should last longer than other umbrellas, and they also have a characteristic bluish shine.  The umbrella also has a polished handle which has the Rolls Royce logo stamped on the top.