The Worlds 5 Most Luxurious Houses

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The Worlds 5 Most Luxurious Houses

Most of us can only dream of living in grand mansions and estates, but for some, such properties are considered insignificant in the face of their own residences. With features like multi-story garages, home cinemas, bowling alleys, and even theaters, the world most expensive and luxurious houses really do have it all. Here are the top five:

Franchuk Villa
Franchuk Villa is a 5 story Victorian Villa in London. Now, it may sound a lot, but it only has the 10 bedrooms, and compared to the other properties on this list, that is fairly tame. However, since it’s in London, it can be forgiven, and does have to compete for limited space. Having said that, it still has a private movie theater, panic room, and underground swimming pool. Oh, and it’s worth just over $160 million.

Hearst Mansion
Hearst Mansion is the 4th most luxurious and expensive house in the world, with the standard 29 bedrooms, 3 pools, its own movie theater, and disco that you’d expect from a home that is valued at over $165 million. The castle is famous for a couple of reasons besides its cost: it was used as the backdrop for the epic film The Godfather, and was also where President Kennedy spent his honeymoon. Not a bad choice.

Fairfield Pond
At number three on our list is Fairfield Pond in New York, named after the body of water that sits adjacent to the property. This enormous estate covers 66,000 square feet – and that’s only the main house – with a bowling alley, basketball court, and a hot tub worth in the region of $150,000. The home values in at just under $200 million, making it the most valuable home in the whole of the US.

Villa Leopolda
Reaching number 2 on our list requires a serious jump up the ladder. Villa Leopolda is in another league to the previous entries, and values in at an estimated $736 million, over three and a half times as much as Fairfield Pond. This astounding Villa is located on the French Riviera and is currently owned by the Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. The house is truly enormous, with 27 separate stories housing a comparatively low 19 bedrooms. The reason for this could be down to the absolute scope and luxury afforded to each one. There are also 50 full time gardeners on the property to tend the lawns: pretty conclusive evidence of the size of the estate.

Number 1 on our list is the Antilla for several obvious reasons. It is not only the fact that it is worth $1 billion, it is the tremendous list of features is possesses, not to mention the way it looks. It is located in the burgeoning Indian city of Mumbai and reportedly cost its value to build; an incredible fact in itself.  More incredible, perhaps, is the fact that it has 27 stories, six floors worth of parking, an entire health level with a full functioning gym, jacuzzi, and even an ice room, an entire level for ballroom dancing, and even a garden that spans 4 stories. In addition, the house has been built with such a unique design that means that each and every floor has its own specific aesthetic look and feel. As such, each room looks as though it is meant to be from a different house. So, no congruence here then!