The Top Five Californian Locations for a Luxury Holiday Home

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The Top Five Californian Locations for a Luxury Holiday Home

Whether you already live in the Golden State of California or you admire it from afar, there are few places in the world that offer the same elegant, chic and luxurious way of life.  It is that lifestyle, combined with a beautiful year-round climate, that makes California the ideal location for a holiday home.  Larger than most countries, California is home to a hugely diverse environment; the mountainous desserts of the south are in sharp contrast to the beautiful stretches of coastline and the dense forests of the north.  If you are looking for the most glamorous ZIP codes in the state, these five areas are the second home of many of the world’s rich and famous.

Beverly Hills
If you are looking for a ZIP code to be proud of, why not choose to live in the most famous of them all?
Anyone who can boast of the iconic ‘90210’ in their address will certainly attract a few envious stares from business rivals and colleagues.  There is something highly conspicuous about the wealth in Beverly Hills, and it manifests itself in luxury homes equipped with the latest trappings of opulence.  Most of Hollywood’s A-list has a presence in this suburb of Los Angeles, and buying a holiday home in the district could result in you living next door to the likes of Lady GaGa and Tom Cruise.  The average 5,000-square-feet property in Beverly Hills will usually set you back over $6 million!

Corona del Mar
Located in the swanky Newport Beach area of California, Corona del Mar has the apt English translation of ‘Crown of the Sea’.  The area is world-renowned for its breathtaking coastal vistas and luxurious living.  A beach-front property will combine boundless luxury with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.  Even a modest, 3,000-square-feet home in Corona del Mar could cost you anything between $3 million and $4 million!

Malibu is an affluent area that is often considered as a direct competitor to Beverly Hills for the title of California’s celebrity destination of choice.  Located in the north-west of Los Angeles County, this stylish coastal city is nicknamed ‘the Bu’ by local surfers and residents.  Malibu is home to 27 miles of stunning beaches and beach-front property, and with a population of just over 12,000, there is still a tangible sense of community in the city.  Property prices are among the most expensive in America, and a typical 2,000-square-feet home will cost in excess of $3 million!

Santa Barbara
The seductive city of Santa Barbara lies between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  Its gorgeous coastline, Mediterranean climate and picturesque streets make it a huge favorite with the rich and powerful of America.  There is a distinctly European feel to both the architecture and laid-back way of life in Santa Barbara; a fact that has led to the city becoming widely referred to as the ‘American Riviera’.  Millions of hard-working and successful professionals in America aspire to own a holiday home in this Californian paradise.  However, at well over $3.5 million for an average beach-front property, only the wealthiest people in the world have the privilege of calling Santa Barbara home.

Rancho Santa Fe
Located in San Diego County, Rancho Santa Fe is one of the most affluent communities in the world.  The average household income in the area was over $188,000 according to the 2010 census, making it the fourth most expensive Californian ZIP code to live in.  A population of just over 3,000 means that this community still retains its quaint, local feel – despite the fact that it is home to some of California’s most powerful people.  In 2011, the average property price was over 2.5 million; however, a home of more than 3,000 square feet will set you back a minimum of $3.5 million!

California has enjoyed a reputation for luxury and wealth for over a century now, and it is still the state of choice when it comes to opulent second homes for the rich and famous.  Whether you are looking for a mountain retreat in the south or a beach-front palace in one of the dozens of stylish coastal communities, California never disappoints!