The Top 5 Luxury Office Chairs

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The Top 5 Luxury Office Chairs

Ergonomics is essential to the modern office environment. If you’re going to be spending hours each day sitting at a desk, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality office chair so you can sit in comfort. For some, having a comfortable office chair is equally as important as having a comfortable bed. Here are some of the most expensive, comfortable, and luxurious office chairs money can buy:

Herman Miller Aeron
The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is probably the most famous office chair in the world, setting the standard for ergonomic design and comfort upon its release. Such is the chair’s popularity that it has a permanent position at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and is a common choice for office executives all over the world. It is both comfortable, adaptable, and hugely customizable, with a retail price of around $1,200.

Steelcase Leap Chair
The Leap Chair by Steelcase has been awarded the best overall office chair by the Wall Street Journal in the past, and has 26 different patents, including the Natural Glide and Live Back System. These allow the chair to actually change shape as it adjusts to the curvature of the users spine. It has an upholstered seat and back, reclines without the user having to pull away, and comes available in leather. Retail prices will usually be about $1,400.

Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten
The Xten is one of the most ergonomical office chairs in the world, designed at a cost of about $1.5 million. While it is often confused for having an individual price tag of $1.5 million, it actually retails for about $2,500. It has a truly revolutionary design, with a seating surface that is made up of the same fabrics used by Olympic athletes for comfort, coolness, durability, and range of motion. In addition, it has an ‘armtonic’ system that can fit all arm sizes and which can be adjusted at the touch of a button; it also has a seating control that allows for dynamic tilting movement so the seat and the back adjust independently of each other. Each of these features make for one of the most luxurious, expensive, and comfortable office chairs in the world.

LimbIC Chair
This chair is totally unique, and is based upon the notion that the most ergonomic and comfortable chairs will encourage small yet constant movements, rather than larger adjustments. Designed by Dr. Patrik Kunzler, the chair challenges the notion that office chairs need a flat seat and back, incorporating not only ergonomics to stimulate the body, but neuroscience to stimulate the emotions. The chair has carbon fibre shells, adapted to each user, that wrap around the legs, allowing for a large range of movement – twisting, leaning, stretching – while lending support to the spine. The concept is to adjust to each subtle movement of the users body, such as using a mouse, typing on a keyboard, or picking up the phone. This allows the body to be engaged, improves circulation, and keeps the vertebrae in the back lubricated. Due to this, it has a retail price of $8,500.

Hadi Teherani’s Gold Chair
The Gold Chair by award winning German designer Hadi Teherani could hardly be more different from the LimbIC. While the above is designed with both ergonomics and neuroscience in mind, the Gold Chair is more of a functional and ornate desk chair. Rather than having a range of high-tech features, this chair is simply well designed, and beautiful. As the name would suggest, it also includes both silver and gold plating, giving it a price tag in the range of $65,000.