The luxurious Malibu experience

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The luxurious Malibu experience

Nestled along the West coast, Malibu is one of Southern California’s most treasured and luxurious travel destinations.  Situated between Oxnard and Santa Monica, Malibu is famous for its surf and gorgeous waterfront properties that are both residential and public. Malibu waterfront properties feature immaculately manicured grounds that enhance and integrate the beauty of the property.  Palms surround the estates, creating a beautiful cacophony of sounds to ease the senses while enjoying a cocktail outside as the view expands out to the horizon.

Dinning and nightlife is popular and versatile in Malibu and one of the premier spots hot spots is Moonshadows Malibu. This elegant restaurant boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and world class cuisine.  It is located at 20356 Pacific Coast Highway, a perfect place for such a delicious scene.  Owner, Andrea Bullo, opened Moonshadows Malibu in 2001 creating a chic and casual dinning experience with a fusion of flavors ranging from Asian and Italian and of course, American as well.  Moonshadows also features an outside bar, The Blue Lounge, that hosts a wide variety of live music, DJ’s and improvised jam sessions depending on the season. When you have finished your meal, enjoyed the music and are ready for a walk to ease the tummy, the beach is just a few short paces away.  Sinking your toes into the sand as you watch the sun sink below the horizon, casting the last rays of the day across the dome of blue above, is a perfect ending to a perfect Malibu experience.

Coastal communities, such as Malibu, offer an escape few are fortunate enough to experience in the course of their daily lives.  Surfing is wildly popular for both participatory and voyeuristic endeavors, as is beach volley-ball and ocean kayaking.  Living alongside such a beautiful coastline with miles of sandy beaches offers the active, adventurous spirit, breathing room to experience a natural, urban wilderness that invites you to swim or surf in its waters, play in the sand, or just stroll along the shoreline a short walk from your refuge.  To sit and watch the ever-changing, yet always stunning Malibu sunset is a luxury in and of itself.  A picnic taken with a blanket as a protection from the sand, filled with assorted cheeses and a bottle or two of Cabernet Sauvignon from Ghost Horse Vineyards is not only delicious, but incredibly romantic for a couple looking to have a relaxing evening on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

It is these moments in time, that capture our hearts, imaginations and fantasies, when life creates memories we can revisit and relive as we choose… but for the fortunate few, they have only to walk back up the beach and into their safe haven.  These lucky few live in Malibu.  A luxurious community that has room to breathe, live and grow.