Los Angeles roads are perfect for luxury cars

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Los Angeles roads are perfect for luxury cars

There’s a lot about Los Angeles that’s legendary—the celebrities, the drama, the weather—but maybe “notorious” is a better word for its traffic. Los Angeles’ highways and byways have been made nearly as famous as the residents themselves due to random acts of road rage and interminable wait times but one look around on those same highways and you’ll notice that a lot of people drive really nice cars. It’s not just because they like to be seen stuck in traffic in their Porsche, it’s also because, if you know where to go and when, there are actually some really fun places to drive in and around LA. Roads that meander and wind through the Santa Monica mountains or along the Pacific Ocean offering amazing view of both natural beauty and Los Angeles’ legendary landmarks, the same roads that take you directly through some of the most glamorous neighborhoods in the world.

Take Mullholland Drive.
A road so lovable,  David Lynch made a movie about it. This two lane, 21-mile roadway is well respected as one of the quintessential drives in Los Angeles, taking you through neighborhoods steeped in the romance and mystique of Hollywood. Winding through the Eastern Santa Monica mountains and the Hollywood hills, several scenic overlooks are built into the hillside allowing travelers to stop at and take in expansive views of the LA Basin, San Fernando Valley,  Downtown LA and the Hollywood sign. You’ll get a good idea of real estate values by the long driveways and impressive gates and signage naming the properties.

Any driving tour of LA would be incomplete if not for a sojourn on Sunset Boulevard.
Another street with a movie all its own, this 22-mile drive takes you from from the heart of downtown LA to the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and the upscale neighborhood of Pacific Palisades.  On you’re way you’ll drive straight through Echo Park, Silver Lake, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood and West Hollywood. Take note at the corner of Gardner Street and Western Avenue–a corner that nearly ruined Hugh Grant’s career and certainly did damage to his marriage. Watch out for young Hollywood starlets coming home from a long night at the bars–the paparazzi have made a lot of money on this street alone.

Coming out on the PCH.
A highway famous for its rugged beauty, you can take it North into Malibu where impressive mansions hang off the hills and almost into the sea.  Signs surrounding the city boast “27 miles of scenic beauty” and residents here enjoy easy access to beautiful beaches like Zuma and Surfrider beach. Entertainment industry big wigs love the laid back, surf environment of Malibu coupled with an easy-ish commute over the hills to Burbank or Studio City. One word of advice on any of these awesome thoroughfares, however– Watch out for film crews!