Furnish Your Deluxe Living Room

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Furnish Your Deluxe Living Room

A deluxe living room needs to serve several purposes in today’s world. It has to make a statement, gain you power and get you noticed. It has to be comfortable, liveable, modern and relaxing. It should be stylish, elegant, romantic and welcoming. It should turn you into a party host and it should remind everyone that it takes more than a big budget in order to create such a strikingly luxurious sitting room; it takes taste, knowledge and class to come out with an elegance that transcends “taken from a magazine”.

Scala Luxury
Scala Luxury on 57th Street in Los Angeles offers unique high-end designs that make any living room immediately stand out. The company’s 80-year experience in the furniture industry has encouraged ground-breaking ideas to become realized and elegance has time and time again walked hand-in-hand with extravagance, allowing every customer to feel special and exclusive. Their high quality materials and innovative designs are well-known among high-profile customers and celebrities, while their showrooms attract designer furniture lovers from all over the world. Have a look at their limited edition collection and admire the Octopus Console Table. This is a truly unique artistic piece designed by Sylvan Fiss, entirely handmade and carved from solid teak wood.

Randolph & Hein
Famous for it superb craftsmanship, Randolph & Hein is a company that focuses on exclusively handmade furniture. Their attention to detail and focus on high quality materials and textiles are legendary and although the company has a number of modern items to showcase, this is a designer that has left his mark in the traditional furniture industry. So if you want to furnish your sumptuous living room in a more romantic way, loading it with a dreamy and luxurious feel that evokes a more classical atmosphere, Randolph & Hein has a number of stunning products for you to choose from. Make sure you check out the fairytale-like Broadway Chaise and also take a look at their beautiful collection of luxurious silk fabrics. Choose your favorite textile and ask for a custom made upholstered sofa and armchair set that nobody else will have, if you want to take your deluxe living room to a higher level.

Louis Shanks
If you’re a fan of classic furniture and love time-honoured luxury that combines silk and velvet upholstery with solid wood and high-quality leather, Louis Shanks is the place to visit. Dating back to 1945, this high-end furniture designer has been a destination furniture store in Texas for more than five decades, but in the last ten years it has also acquired an important international name which has led to the company attracting high-profile customers from all around the world. Make sure you browse their wide selection of living room furniture, but pay attention to the Tower Sofa as well as the Henredon set. Traditional luxury lovers, you will find it hard to beat these classily romantic and elegant designs.