Eco-friendly luxury

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Eco-friendly luxury

The terms “luxury” and “eco-friendly” may seem mutually exclusive at first glance, but in fact, environmentally-conscious building and interior design is a notable trend in the high-end luxury real estate market.

Builders have begun installing seamlessly integrated eco-friendly features into the overall design. Buyers in the market for up-to-date luxury homes in exclusive neighborhoods might encounter features such as sustainable, attractive bamboo floors, solar energy rooftop panels and even rainwater recycling systems. Today’s luxury home buyer need not sacrifice aesthetic appeal for eco-friendliness.

Eye-catching countertops in kitchen and bath areas can be created from a whole host of innovative, gorgeous materials designed to cause less of an environmental impact. Colorful, recycled glass, for instance, can be expertly crafted into a gleaming mosaic pattern to match any décor. Quick-growing bamboo is moving beyond flooring. Home cooking enthusiasts will want to take note of a new trend toward stylish, practical bamboo butcher’s blocks and kitchen counter inserts.

Elsewhere in the kitchen, the trend toward environmental friendliness can be seen in the ultra-high-end appliance market, as well. ENERGY STAR certified Viking appliances, for example, go well beyond the government standard for energy efficiency while maintaining the classic, luxury feel that put the Viking name on the map long ago. Even sub-zero freezers, which were at one time among the least energy efficient appliances, have been a part of the trend toward low impact living.

Eco-friendly, luxury touches extend to the outdoors, as well. Here, landscape artists and exterior designers are installing home tennis courts with environmentally conscious, recycled court bases or specially manufactured acrylics. Walkways can be designed with abundant, uncut stones that allow for better water absorption while maintaining a modern style. Even outdoor lighting is being installed with the environment in mind. Buyers might see motion-activated, energy efficient outdoor lighting crafted from a wide range of sustainable and recycled materials.

Behind the scenes, builders are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious when it comes to various systems throughout new and updated homes. Solar power is becoming more common, as are rainwater recycling stations. These innovative systems collect rainwater from the home’s rooftop drainage, which can then be used for watering the home’s landscaping and other outdoor tasks.

Buyers may be surprised to find eco-friendly enhancements even in more established neighborhoods lined with historically significant luxury homes. Many homeowners are keeping the environment in mind when they upgrade or remodel, hiring builders and designers who specialize in sustainability.