Celebrity Nightlife: Top Luxury Lounges in Hollywood

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Celebrity Nightlife: Top Luxury Lounges in Hollywood

Hollywood is an international hub for all who are at the top of their respective industries: Celebrities of all kinds, star athletes, actors, philanthropists, CEOs, power players and more.  If you are looking for luxury lounges and clubs on the West Coast, you cannot miss out on what Hollywood has to offer.  With the plethora of choices available to you though, it might be hard to discern true luxury venues from other ones.  Read on to learn about some of the best luxury lounges in Hollywood and the unique qualities that each one presents.

Green Door
This place is the epitome of social aristocracy.  On the inside it boasts a 1920’s meets gaudy Victorian theme, creating an atmosphere of old wealth that is still unique enough to give it a mysterious and interesting mood.  You can expect to see celebrities here often, and plan on name-dropping if you expect to get in. The fact that it is frequented by celebrities means that it is also very exclusive, so make sure you know someone who can get you in before making a trip out here. The Green Door features an assortment of rooms, mostly adorned with vintage furniture, large gold-framed mirrors, and bronzed chandeliers.  The multiple rooms also means that you can choose to be as social as you want – if you’re feeling restless you can dance to the music in one room, or you can get cozy and intimate in another.  Green Door is definitely recommended for those who want to mingle with the “in” crowd of Hollywood that is reminiscent of old wealth and aristocracy.

Skybar at Mondrian
Perched on top of the Mondrian hotel in the middle of Hollywood, Skybar is exactly what it sounds like.  It is the penthouse lounge with incredible views of the city and its lights, featuring opulent décor, trees, dim lighting, and a swimming pool.  You will also find multiple full-service bars, mattresses that let you lounge around the trees, and appetizers served on bamboo platters. The music here never gets too loud, unless it is a special event, and is a perfect place to have a relaxing evening lounging above Hollywood.  The soft music mixed with the ambient lighting, greenery, and intimately arranged seating sets up a low-key environment that might be a welcome reprieve from the city life below.  They are known for their fantastic, but expensive cocktails, which can be enjoyed while lounging and chatting near a dimly lit nook of couches or while staring out over the beautiful Hollywood lights beyond. Skybar is recommended for those who are looking for luxury and relaxation over excitement, or a great way to unwind after a long day. Make sure you are dressed to impress – don’t expect to get in with shorts and a t-shirt.  http://skybarlosangeles.com/

Library Bar
Located in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Library Bar is consistently one of the top-ranked bars and lounges in Hollywood.  With dark, wood furniture and dim yellow lights, Library Bar emits a subdued luxury that never tries too hard and is never over the top.  It is a welcome shift from the chic, trendy places littering Hollywood, and maintains its allure through subtlety and tactful extravagance. The luxury here is not limited to the setting – Library Bar only uses the highest quality, top shelf liquors in any drink they make.  Fresh ingredients are also beautifully displayed on the bar, so you know that only fresh, wholesome ingredients are going into your cocktails.  Customers can watch as the bartenders make drinks from the assortment of fruits and vegetables on the bar, which are mixed expertly.  You don’t even need to know what you want to drink at this lounge – simply tell the bartender what general type of drink you are looking for, and they can help you select from their myriad ingredients to craft for you the perfect cocktail. This bar is strongly recommended for anyone looking for luxury with a subdued, definitively un-gaudy feel.  While it is also a great place for anyone to start their night, connoisseurs of cocktails will rejoice here with the long list of top-notch liquors and ingredients. Library Bar Website