California’s Most Unique Luxury Dining Experiences

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California’s Most Unique Luxury Dining Experiences

When it comes to entertainment, there’s no state better than California. From the bustle of big cities like Los Angeles, to the majesty of the Redwood forests in the north part of the state, to the beautiful country towns in the Napa Valley, California has a little something for everyone. In terms of dining, California is also one of the most outstanding locations in the entire world. Chefs and restaurants across the state have mastered all types of cuisine – from the excellent gastronomy of places like Chez Panisse in Berkeley to the world-class fast food at legendary fast food joint In-N-Out. Another thing that California has mastered is combining the two things into one–food and experience. Restaurants across California offer up some of the most unique dining experiences that diners find both delicious and hard-to-forget. Want to know more about California’s most unique luxury dining experiences? Then check out the list below. It contains three restaurants that offer diners unforgettable meals.

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Located in the heart of Disneyland, Blue Bayou offers one of California’s best dining experiences. While at first Blue Bayou might look like any other Cajun style café, a deeper inspection will make you realize that the restaurant is actually in the middle of the classic Disney theme park ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean. At tables set in dark twilight, diners can enjoy their New Orleans style cuisine while the boats of the famed ride float by. The restaurant has been open since 1967 and it’s long been a favorite restaurant in the area. A fantastic dish loved among diners are the Monte Cristos–they come deep fried! To get into Blue Bayou, you have to buy a ticket to the theme park – so enjoy other rides like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain before you take part in a famous upscale dining experience.

Forbes Island

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in the Bay Area, you can’t miss Forbes Island. Located in the San Francisco Bay, Forbes Island offers an amazing nautical dining experience. The restaurant is made up of multiple dining rooms – some are in towers – and some are underwater! For a great view of San Francisco, choose to eat in the Light House or the Bayside Tahitian Banquet Room. However, if you want a dinner you can’t forget, choose the underwater dining room. You’ll dine next to port holes, where you’ll see sea lions swimming, water swirling and lots of sea creatures floating by. This is the perfect dining experience for anyone who loves the sea and fantastic food.


Also located in Los Angeles, Forage is a dream dining experience for anyone who enjoys farm-to-table eating or values freshness. The restaurant is situated in Silver Lake, one of the city’s hippest and most progressive areas. At Forage, diners can order off a menu that changes every day, featuring the freshest produce and products of the season. What makes the dining experience unique is that the restaurant also encourages people to forage – that is, to go through their own gardens, pick what they want to eat, and bring it to the restaurant to be cooked. The chefs at the restaurant will use what you pick to create an incredible dish for you! Forage is a great dining experience for gardeners or anyone who likes some say over what they put in their food or mouths.