Buying Your Own Private Island

Posted on May 17th, by admin in Lifestyle, Real Estate.

Buying Your Own Private Island

When we define the essence of luxury, it often comes down to something that’s rare, unique, one-of-a-kind. Becoming the sole owner of an island brings to mind a certain sensation of “here and nowhere else.”  Each island is an entire domain, a land in which you are sovereign, a unique territory in which every inch of ground belongs to you.

Where to find listings
It may seem surprising at first that there are whole islands available for sale — but actually there is a bustling global marketplace in which islands are bought and sold.

Let’s do a search by region, and see what the world has to offer:

South Pacific
In the South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu is Pilotin Island. Dazzling tropical vegetation and coconut palms cover its 335 acres, just an easy boat trip from a larger, developed part of Vanuatu. For $1,070,000 it’s all yours — including the snow-white sand beach, the high plateau, and the deep-water fishing grounds just beyond the surf.

On the modest side, for $336,000 here’s a brightly forested little 4-acre island in Sweden, just 15 minutes by boat from shopping, hiking and wild berry-picking. The island has two charming cabins, a sauna down by the dock , and several secluded beaches on which to bask in the midnight sun of the north.

For those who are seeking sky-blue water and open Mediterranean land to stretch out in, there are some astounding deals to be had in Greece. Omfori Island is over 1,000 acres: a pristine, undeveloped island set in the Ionian Sea, with a white sand beach at the edge of its rosemary-covered hillsides. The price for this significant chunk of paradise is about $62 million.

If we travel to Asian islands, we come back to the tropics: The Philippines, which consist of more than 7100 islands, have some tucked-away bits of heaven such as Green Paradise Island. This 32-acre, undeveloped island has an amazing variety of wildlife visible from its white sand beaches and tropical reef. Numerous birds make their homes there, and giant sea turtles come ashore at certain times of year. A high plateau gives a view of nearby islands, and a developed port is 30 minutes away by boat. This one-of-a-kind expanse is ready to be adopted for just $1.5 million.

United States
Finally, if you like the idea of your very own island, but would really rather stay in the U.S., there are 18 pages of listings right here in our own country.

For the ultimate in turnkey luxury, Little Hawkins Island, near Georgia’s Sea Island, is a meticulously gardened personal resort. It has abundant geothermal energy and fresh water, and it includes a large dock, landscaped waterside, and completely furnished main residence. Additional buildings include two small cottages and a personal club, all accessible by private concrete bridge to world-class shopping and dining. This luxury retreat is offered at $20 million.

A wilderness adventure on the other side of the continent is available on little Aleutkina Island. Untouched virgin forests cover this 1.8 acre Alaskan island, just three miles from downtown Sitka. Abundant wildlife, a good dock site and extensive fishing and crabbing opportunities await, for only $297,000.

Making the dream a reality
Buying an island is a big project – but for those who’ve caught the island fever, no adventure could be more exciting.