Best Restaurants of Big Sur

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Best Restaurants of Big Sur

Big Sur is one of the most scenic and lovely areas in the entire country. With jagged cliff sides that sit next to the Pacific Ocean, beautiful deep blue waters, and lush green forestry, Big Sur has all of the natural delights imaginable. In addition to its stunning landscape, Big Sur also features a slew of cultural offerings. One of the things that – like most of Southern California – Big Sur has become known for is its dining scene. The area has ample restaurants that offer luxurious fare to resident and visitors. If you’re planning to visit Big Sur in the near future, explore the three places on the list below. These are the places that provide top-notch dining experiences, breathtaking views, and all-around luxurious experiences.

Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn

The Post Ranch Inn is basically a staple in the Big Sur Area. It’s considered to be one of the nicest hotels, offering world-class accommodations, a spa, and more. One of the things that makes the Post Ranch Inn stand out most is its excellent dining options. The restaurant at the Post Ranch Inn is called Sierra Mar, and it offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Set atop the California cliffs, Sierra Mar serves a menu inspired by the environment around it. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Expect to find fresh California creations like Abalone Dore and Celery Root Agnolotti. The restaurant offers a Taste of Big Sur menu, which gives diners a sampling of all the foods one can find on the Big Sur Coast, including black mussels, fresh eggs, and venison tenderloin.

Wild Coast

Wild Coast is aptly named, since it is set alongside the wild coast of Big Sur. The restaurant – located at the Treebones Resort – offers one of the best global menus in the area. The majority of ingredients are locally sourced from the garden on the grounds. The restaurant also serves eggs from the chickens kept at the farm. Expect to find such worldly delights as sesame tuna tataki, flat bread pizza, and crispy Scottish salmon. Wild Coast is also known for its sushi menu, which is available in the evenings and features such rolls as the Burrito roll, with spicy tuna, crab, tempura shrimp, avocado, and asparagus. The Amazing Grace roll is another popular choice and boasts gobo root. Wild Coast is an excellent destination in Big Sur for those who want to enjoy the bounty of California freshness, but also experience an explosion of international flavor.


Nepenthe is one of the oldest and most successful restaurants in Big Sur. Open since 1949, the restaurant serves diners on Cliffside tables overlooking the beautiful waters of the Pacific every day. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and it features a well-rounded American menu. Diners can enjoy hearty offerings like rib eye steak or glazed duck. One thing that makes Nepenthe stand out is its vegetarian offerings, which include a roasted beet salad and outstanding minestrone. If outdoor dining that features fresh, healthy ingredients and a varied menu is your thing, you won’t go wrong at Nepenthe! There’s a reason it’s been open for more than 60 years.