Best Luxury Bicycles to Take for a Spin

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Best Luxury Bicycles to Take for a Spin

Porsche, Hermès, Gucci, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, BMW, Lamborghini. These names are known for their luxury cars, couture fashion and other luxurious goods, so it’s no surprise that they’ve added luxury bicycles to their lines. Bikes offer boundless customization options, from signature color combinations to leather accoutrements. For the manufacturers, stylish people riding their bicycles provide elegant and mobile promotion of their luxury brands. For those of you on the lookout for a stylish ride that moves in tandem with your lifestyle, this is good news indeed.

The following are some of the most enviable two-wheelers to consider when cycling around town. Not all of them have designer names, but each of them epitomizes luxury.

Abici Amante Gold Edition

Like many things handmade in Italy, this luxury bicycle turns heads. Available for and sought by both men and women, the Amante Gold Edition combines 24-karat gold plating with genuine leather saddle and grips. The handcrafted steel Abici frame comes in your choice of lacquered gray, black, or British green, while a high-tech, integrated gear hub comes standard. Turn heads further with additional components such as leather saddlebags, leather chain covers and chrome rod brakes. Multo bene.

Azor Abby Pick-Up

If you’re ready to cycle Dutch-style, you’ll want to take this bright green commuter bike for a spin. Handmade in Azor, Netherlands and named in honor of the abbey-dwelling religious men who would pedal sturdy two-wheelers on their rounds, the Azor Abby is built to last by Rolling Orange Bikes. The smooth and comfortable ride includes a convenient and removable front rack and stainless steel spokes woven to reduce breakage. Carry kids, run errands, or merely tour about on this luxurious, eight-geared beauty for men and women.

Bianchi by Gucci

A collaboration between Italian couture house Gucci and Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi, this retro-style urban cruiser features Gucci’s signature green and red detailing. The interlocking Gs make their appearance on the wheels, while the handlebars and seat display the diamante pattern. Choose between a black or white carbon-fiber frame, and pedal the avenues on a lightweight and durable 11-speed worthy of a high-fashion runway. The bike comes with double-sided pedals compatible with both cleated and regular shoes, but the matching Gucci helmet and gloves are deluxe and de rigueur additions.

Le Flâneur d’Hermès

Quelle surprise that this fashion house’s universe of leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery and luxury goods includes a bicycle built for pedaling about in style. The French word flâneurtranslates as ‘the stroller’ or ‘the lounger’ and conjures images of a passionate wanderer sampling the sights and sounds of Paris, New York, or Shanghai. Billed as “versatile, exceptionally light, durable, and comfortable,” this exclusive, handmade, carbon-fiber cruiser was conceived, designed and created entirely by Hermès. Pedal about at your leisure on this elegant and understated eight-speed cruiser in either Spanish white or red carbon, or spin it up a notch with the 11-gear Le Flâneur Sportif d’Hermès in racy orange.

Porsche Bike S

The luxury auto brand’s S city bicycle takes its design cue from the sleek lines and curves of the classic Porsche 911. Available in Carrera white, the bike’s high-performance, hydroformed aluminum frame comes in small, medium and large, so that riders of all sizes can spin the 29-inch wheels around town, whether commuting or racing the wind. Magura hydraulic disc brakes give the 11-speed S strength, speed and responsiveness. You’d expect nothing less from Porsche.