Best Gourmet Food Shopping in San Jose

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Best Gourmet Food Shopping in San Jose

San Jose is a beautiful city located in the heart of sunny California. Californians are known for their interest in their health and well-being. They love to exercise, eat well, get lots of sunshine and enjoy the luxury of the beautiful scenery. It makes sense, then, that the area would have plenty of delicious healthy food offerings, from farm-to-table restaurants to weekly farmer’s markets that sell only the freshest fruits, vegetables and produce.

Buying gourmet food in San Jose is as easy as finding a 24-hour gym. They’re all over the place and, they sell the freshest and healthiest foods. Whether they are large supermarkets or small mom-and-pop shops, you can find every kind of gourmet fixing you need. Here are some of the best gourmet food shops in San Jose.

Zanotto’s Family Market

Nobody knows delicious gourmet food like the Italians do. The Zanotta family immigrated from Italy in the ’50s and have been running their shop for years. Their goal is to provide the best and tastiest foods in town, and they do a great job of it. Their deli provides homemade salads, dips, pastas and sandwiches made fresh daily and using only the freshest ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. If you have any special requests, you can just ask the deli manager to get something tailor-made. They also hold wine tastings and other events for the community to sample some of their goods.

Lunardi’s Markets

Lunardi’s was started by Alfredo Lunardi, a man born in Lucca, Italy. He’s been running local supermarkets in the Bay area since 1953 and is a seasoned professional when it comes to selling produce and gourmet foods. The San Jose shop is one of eight stores in the area, and everything in the store is hand-selected with care. Whether you’re looking for melons, prosciutto, fine cheeses, organic vegetables or delectable cuts of meat, you can find it all at Lunardi’s. They also specialize in fresh fish and have an abundant selection of both local catches and varieties that are shipped in daily.

99 Ranch

If you’re looking for specialty Asian foods, 99 Ranch is the place to go. It is far and away the best store for Chinese, Japanese and Korean foods and has specialty items that are hard to find outside of these countries. It’s a great place to shop if you’re planning to serve Asian cuisine for a dinner party or simply to stock up on your favorite sushi ingredients or Asian snacks. They feature new items on a weekly basis so you’ll always find novel things on the shelves to give your taste buds a kick.

New Leaf Community Market

The New Leaf Community Market is all about a commitment to sustainability and healthy living. They opened in 1985 and are committed to providing fresh, nourishing food for the San Jose community. Their focus is on organic food that helps people eat well and feel great. All of their food is picked out carefully by hand, and they never compromise on quality. This is the place to shop for all your fresh produce needs — you’ll be able to taste the difference! They also specialize in gluten-free goods and support area farmers and merchants by showcasing a large selection of local products.