Best Boating Excursions in Southern California

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Best Boating Excursions in Southern California

Southern California’s long stretches of gorgeous, sunny coastline and perfectly sunny weather make it an ideal vacation destination for people around the world. There are endless entertainment options once you arrive. San Diego is home to numerous theme parks, museums and zoos; Los Angeles is chock full of restaurants, clubs and shop-til-you-drop energy; the smaller coastal towns have scintillating beaches and a more relaxing vibe; and all up and down the coast you can find amazing food and beautiful sights.

Southern California will please all kinds of different travelers, but it also appeals to a specific type of adventurer: the kind who loves to get out on a boat or yacht and enjoy the world by sea. There are all kinds of variations of boating excursions in Southern California, everything from afternoon whale-watching adventures, to renting a private yacht for a weekend to epic round-the-world adventures leaving from SoCal harbors. Here are a few of the best boating excursions to be found in the area.

San Diego Sailing Tours Twilight Tour

If you’re traveling with a special someone for a vacation or to celebrate a special occasion, you might want to consider this Twilight sailing tour that leaves from San Diego. Meet on the pier at midnight to ensure that your boat is one of the only ones out on the bay under the stars. It’s a great way to celebrate a special event – you can surprise them with this two-hour cruise that will let you float under the lights of downtown San Diego and the glow of the moonlight. Prices are $660 for a two hour cruise for two.

2 Day Catalina Weekend Cruise

Catalina Island is only 22 miles from the California coastline, but once you get there you’ll feel like you’re in the Mediterranean. It’s the perfect island resort for anyone who wants a quick, luxurious getaway without a lot of travel and fuss. You can hop the Catalina Classic Cruise line, the company with the newest boats. They depart frequently from Long Beach and once you’re there, you have an island of watersports and adventure, complete with elegant hotel and dining options. The Hotel St. Lauren is a romantic favorite – book a room with a private balcony and Jacuzzi tub and enjoy the grandeur from your coz vantage point.

Silversea Silver Whisper Cruise

This cruise takes the proverbial cake – checking in at a cool $1.5 million dollars per person, it departs from Los Angeles for a four-month getaway in a not-so-modest 1,000 sq. ft private suite aboard the Silversea Silver Whisper. According to the company that arranged the trip, it is “the world’s most luxurious 124-day vacation.” From Los Angeles, the trip will venture into 28 countries throughout Asia and the Pacific, and it includes a four-night stay at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and winds down with another four-night stay in one of Miami’s most luxurious communities. Don’t worry about bringing along your favorite caviar, they’re likely to have it aboard.

Crystal Cruises, Los Angeles to London

Thinking of heading to Europe and want to take the long way? Why not set yourself up on a decadent cruise from Los Angeles to London. Rates start at $39,000/person for the 89 day cruise on Crystal Cruise Line, one of the most elite boating companies in the world. But why not splurge on the Crystal Penthouse with Verandah for $197,000/person? You’ll get to stop over in Hawaii, take a stint in Bali, soak up many of the Asian islands and even see a little of South Africa before you arrive in London.