Art Glass Chandeliers in the Beverly Hills Real Estate Market

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Art Glass Chandeliers in the Beverly Hills Real Estate Market

Show-stopping art glass pieces have moved beyond art museums and public spaces and into residential design throughout the Beverly Hills real estate scene. Inspired by award-winning artists like Dale Chihuly, interior design specialists are incorporating the gleaming opulence of glass with function. Art glass chandeliers and sconces are not only eye-catching works of art; they also provide a richly lit ambience. Art glass is striking, unique and versatile. Custom art glass can be designed to fit any décor, from classic Edwardian-inspired to dramatically modern interior design. The influence of the art glass design trend can be seen even at the White House, where the Obamas have installed a brightly colored art glass chandelier in Malia and Sasha’s bedroom.

Throughout Beverly Hills, art glass is on display. The Four Seasons Beverly Hills was in the news a few years ago when the famous hotel commissioned glasswork artist Robert Kaindl to install a spectacular art glass chandelier display at its iconic entrance.  This group of four enormous fixtures features intertwining, clear spikes of glass that bring to mind flames when lit up at night. The effect adds a striking yet stylishly sophisticated design touch to an element of the hotel that had been a bit bland. Art glass created or inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright can be found throughout the city, as well.

Since the Four Seasons installation was completed, there has been an uptick in art glass design features in private Beverly Hills residences. Residential art glass chandeliers grace the entrances to many fine luxury homes here, designed by California artists like Anna Cabo, who recently designed a well-received art glass installation at the flagship location of the popular Spago restaurant.  Southern California’s Susan Hirsch creates dramatic, colorful art glass pieces for her Fire Fusion Studio, many of which wind up being used to enhance residential interior design. Andy Girsch is another big name in the art glass world. Girsch works out of a studio in Burbank. Even the world-renowned Dale Chihuly himself has designed a few select art glass pieces for private homes.

Beverly Hills homeowners who want to incorporate art glass pieces into their décor can also select works from several art galleries located in and around Beverly Hills. The Andrew Weiss Gallery and the Anderson Gallery often feature art glass pieces, and can help to locate installation professionals. Another option is to hire an interior designer who has worked with art glass. Beverly Hills-based Tracy Murdock, for example, has worked closely with Robert Kaindl. Malgosia Migdal Design Associates is a leading Beverly Hills interior design firm that has worked extensively with custom glass design pieces.

Today, art lovers can even turn to the internet to source excellent pieces for their design projects. Sites like  feature a wide range of art glass and architectural glass pieces, including dozens of lighting choices. specializes in art glass pieces created by the masters in the field, including Chihuly. Though they are located in Santa Fe, they can direct the installation of these one-of-a-kind pieces of art anywhere in the world.

Beyond lighting and fixed art pieces, architectural and art glass work can also be seen in other design elements. Designers are incorporating art glass into bathroom and kitchen counters and commissioning art glass tile work for outdoor water features, for example. Environmentally conscious homeowners have turned to recycled glass pieces to add a touch of Earth-friendly, unique opulence to their luxury décor.

Homeowners who want to check out art glass on display can visit one of several museums focused on this eye-catching genre. Dale Chihuly’s “Glasshouse” at the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum in Seattle features some of the artist’s most visually striking work, spanning his entire career so far. The Glass Art Society website provides a list of worldwide museums featuring art glass.

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