5 of the most expensive bottles of champagne

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5 of the most expensive bottles of champagne

Ever since it was first produced champagne has been associated with nobility class and wealth. Champagne was used in the anointment of kings in France before its use spread throughout Europe. Today champagne is the drink of choice for the rich and powerful with some bottles of the drink costing more than some high end cars. Though people  loosely use the term champagne to refer to any bubbly wine there are strict rules which govern which wines can be referred to as  champagne. The champagne appellation law stipulates how champagne should be produced from what grapes to use to the place where the grapes should be grown.

Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck
With a single bottle of this drink going for about 275,000 dollars,  this is the world’s most expensive champagne. Among the factors that have made this champagne so expensive is its intriguing history. During the first world war,  a Swedish freighter was charted to deliver 2000 bottles of the drink to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. The freighter was however torpedoed by a German submarine and sank just off the coast of Finland. The wine was preserved in the ship wreck by the frigid sea water until it was discovered by divers in 1998.

Dom Perignon vintage 1995 white gold Jeroboam
Officially launched in 2008 the Dom Perignon vintage 1995 white gold jeroboam is the world’s most expensive Jeroboam.  The bubbly is Packaged in a three litre bottle which has a white gold sheath which is laser engraved with the famous Dom Perignon logo. A bottle of this jeroboam costs $40,000, and with only 100 bottles of the champagne in existence this vintage is favored by wealthy wine collectors the world over.

Champagne De Watère
Champagne De watere is one of the most expensive bottles of champagne at $45,000 dollars for a single bottle. From the wines packaging to the grapes used to make the wine everything is carefully chosen to create an incredibly superb bottle of wine. Champagne De watere comes packed in a wooden casing which is handmade from a single block of wood by highly trained craftsmen. Inside the case is the bottle of the champagne, a solid gold coin and a 1 carat diamond. The gold coin is intended to mark the special occasion on which the bottle of wine is opened with each bottle of wine coming with a uniquely marked coin.

Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet champagne
At $50,000 for a set of twelve bottles of  the pernod-ricard perrier-jouet is a luxury to be enjoyed only by the upper echelon of society.  A product of the famous pernod-ricard champagne house which has an almost cult status with wine collectors. The $50,000 dollar price tag for the wine also includes a place for storing the wine for up to eight months. Also, interesting about the champagne is the fact that one must fly to France in order to actually buy the wine since it is not sold anywhere else in the world.

Veuve-Clicquot Champagne
A great vintage this champagne also has a particularly fascinating history having spent close to 170 years at the bottom of the ocean. In 2010 162 bottles of the champagne were discovered in a ship wreck on the Baltic seabed. Of the 162 bottles found 79 of them were very well preserved with the wine in these bottles being drinkable. Several auctions have been held by the Åland Islands government which found the bottles with a bottle of the champagne fetching up to $37,290 in auctions. A few of bottles of Veuve-cliquot are kept in museums with the rest being sold periodically in auctions with the proceedings going towards saving marine life in the Baltic sea.