5 Hotels that Take Luxury to the Next Level

Posted on December 2nd, by admin in Lifestyle.

5 Hotels that Take Luxury to the Next Level

Every major city in the world can boast at least one five-star luxury hotel, but few of them can leave you gasping for breath in excitement.  The general standards of hotels have risen significantly during the last twenty years, so most people with significant incomes fail to be impressed by opulent surroundings, Michelin-star cuisine and the very best in service – they expect it.  As expectations are so high, hotel entrepreneurs have been forced to take design and service to the next level, and these five hotels certainly do that!

The Poseidon Undersea Resort
There are some hotels in the world that simply take the breath away, and then there is the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji.  Once completed, the hotel will be situated in a lagoon close to a private island in the South Pacific.  This stunning feat of engineering will give people an experience that will last for a lifetime, but pre-bookings may mean you have to wait a few years for a chance to become a guest.  A total of 25 guest suites all provide a window into the underwater world of exotic sea-life and fauna – a sight that will definitely take precedence over the in-room TV!  Guests gain access to their room via an elevator that can be taken from a pier, and they can get around the immediate area inside their very own submarine.  If you’re a land-lover, there are 51 more luxury suites on the nearby island complex, and 24 bungalows give you the chance to fall out of bed and straight into the ocean.  A night’s stay at the Poseidon Undersea Resort will set you back an astonishing $30,000, but it will be an experience unlike any other on earth.  Scheduled for a 2015 opening, the Poseidon Undersea Resort is certain to make waves among the world’s rich and famous.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel
Dubai seems to have risen from the Dessert sand in only ten years, but it is now a city that rivals Hong Kong, New York and Paris for luxury.  The iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel resembles the billowing sail of a yacht, and it is located on its very own man-made island.  Among the stunning range of incredible facilities this hotel has to offer are a hovering tennis court, a heliport and a fleet of Rolls Royce cars available to guests as what must be the most incredible taxis in the world.  Arab royalty visit the Burj Al Arab regularly, so paying the $18,000 a night room rate will allow you to live like a king!

The Emirates Palace
At a total cost of $3 billion, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi has been built with the world’s richest and most powerful people in mind.  It has its own white sand beach, landscaped grounds and over 1,000 crystal chandeliers.  The hotel’s developers spared no expense during the construction phase, as they included a private beach and marina for guests along with the most luxurious suites in the world.  Real marble from 13 different countries adorns the entire hotel, and at a whopping $10,000 per night for a Palace Suite, guests can expect to live like royalty.

The Atlantis Paradise Island
The tropical paradise of the Bahamas recently became a little more luxurious, as the Atlantis Paradise Island resort offers all the trappings of excess that the rich and famous have come to expect from the world’s top hotels.  While every corner of this hotel oozes class and opulence, it is the Royal Towers Bridge Suite that will really have you gasping in astonishment.  Located on the hotel’s 23rd floor, the suite is ten rooms of sheer elegance.  An in-room entertainment system allows guests to turn the living area into their very own nightclub, and a grand piano forms the centrepiece to what is a truly magnificent residence.  The suite comes with seven dedicated staff who provide 24-hour service, so the $25,000 a night room rate will be money well spent.

Secret Marquis
It is widely believed that the inspiration for this jaw-dropping hotel in Los Cabos came from the legend of two angels seeking paradise on earth.  If paradise is what you’re looking for, your search may now be over.  Apart from the magnificent sight of the hotel itself, it is the specially-commissioned statues, breathtaking waterfalls and sheer attention to detail that will catch your attention.  A selection of private villas allows guests to enjoy a little more seclusion, and they will be able to take regular dips in their own private pools while being served cocktails by personal service staff.  A luxury, three-bedroom suite in the Secret Marquis will cost a very reasonable $5,000 – not bad for a night in paradise!

Gone are the days when a great hotel meant 24-hour room service, pleasant surroundings and great service.  The modern luxury hotel now has to go one step further; it has to create the ‘wow’ factor, and these five hotels certainly don’t disappoint!